Whenever there is a home disaster, be it a running toilet, a broken dishwasher, or a tree that has fallen over, there are usually two predominant, opposing emotions that accompany such moments. On the one hand, there is agony; this is felt by the owner of the house, appliance, or foliage that is in need of repair. On the other hand, there is euphoria—not at the misfortunes of others but rather at the opportunity to help. This is felt by the victim’s neighbors, family, and friends. What is the one thing that everyone says when blue-collar work needs to be done? “Hey! I know someone who can help!”

Finding the right person for the job is not just a relief in the moment but adds a sense of security for all the troubles that might crop up in the future. This extends to any craftsman who rides in like a hero to save the day, including plumbers, electricians, and especially car repair technicians. But where does one start when it comes to finding the right person to work on your car? What if your car is the only one you have and you can’t have it in the shop for days at a time, or it’s a brand new electric car that took years of saving and waiting to get? Our Orem Tunex understands this plight and we have fashioned our business to be the best answer to each of your concerns.

The Professionals That Professionals Recommend

When it comes to car repairs for makes and models of all kinds, you might understandably have questions about whether the guy down the street who is always ratcheting the engine in his garage is capable of fixing your new Tesla. Regardless of what the issue is, we trust the recommendation of the people who make cars their business—much like we would accept the recommendation of a healthcare professional when it came to finding a specialist. 

As far as a trusted source in car maintenance is concerned, AAA is likely the most recognizable organization in the United States. When AAA partners with a car repair business, they gauge a mechanic’s abilities by the amount of training and certification that they have received.

  • The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is the trusted organization that carries out the testing and certifying of repair technicians. 
  • The ASE grants certifications over different types of motorized vehicles and specializations regarding parts and services.
  • Currently, more than 300,000 auto mechanics have sought certification from the ASE.

When it comes to recommending a good car mechanic, AAA starts with the ASE Institute. Happily, Tunex is a trusted car repair partner of AAA, which means that if you call for roadside assistance, they would feel confident sending you to us for help.

Heed The Voice Of The People

Once you have checked for ASE-certified mechanics and AAA-trusted businesses, the next step for a garage like the Orem Tunex needs to take to win your trust is to be highly recommended by the clientele—by the people. There are a few ways to go about getting good data on a company’s ratings, including:

  • Running their company past the Better Business Bureau’s website. This is a repository of reviews of businesses aimed to better help prospective customers judge whether they want to patronize a certain establishment or not.
  • Read online reviews. Bearing in mind that online reviews tend to slant heavily to one end of the rating spectrum or another (being either a one-star or five-star business), these reviews are nevertheless beneficial to read up on people’s experiences.
  • Interview trusted colleagues: Your friends, coworkers, and family members will have a bead on the car repair centers that came through for them in times of trial. 

When looking for a good mechanic, your experience will ultimately shape everything. Trying a specific business to see how they handle small jobs like changing the oil or servicing the brakes will help you develop trust when the big things come knocking. In those moments, we hope that the Orem Tunex will be worthy of your business. Drop by for any reason and let us prove why we are the best place in Orem for a car repair.