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Finding the Right Mechanic

Whenever there is a home disaster, be it a running toilet, a broken dishwasher, or a tree that has fallen over, there are usually two predominant, opposing emotions that accompany such moments. On the one hand, there is agony; this is felt by the owner of the house, appliance, or foliage that is in need of repair. On the other hand, there is euphoria—not at the misfortunes of others but rather at the opportunity [...]

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The Transmission: What You Need to Know

You may be familiar with manual versus automatic transmissions but, beyond that, what do you know about the transmission of your car? Let our Orem car repair professionals give you some basics regarding the transmission system. Your car’s engine houses the power, and the transmission is what carries the power from the engine to the wheels. Here’s how it accomplishes the task. What a Transmission Does When your car is in motion, the transmission [...]

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Car Chemistry: The Catalytic Converter

While we’re driving, we aren’t often thinking about all that is going on inside our cars. Like the human body that relies on 11 organ systems to carry out vital functions, a standard automobile has 9 general component systems that work to ensure that the vehicle is able to propel itself forward.  Within these systems are a number of components engineered to facilitate reactions and mechanical processes, expertly calculated to deliver maximum performance. Among [...]

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Tips for Retaining Your Car’s Value

It’s no secret that cars tend to depreciate fairly quickly. If you elect to buy a brand new vehicle, you should expect it to lose around 10 percent of its value as soon as you drive off the lot. After one year of ownership, the car will likely be worth about 20 percent less than its purchase price and after 5 years of ownership, the car has long lost over half of its value.  [...]

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Car Warning Lights and What They Mean

We have all experienced the fret of looking down at our speedometer and seeing an illuminated warning light on the dashboard. Thoughts of engine failures and costly repairs swarm the mind even to the point of ruining a day. The fact of the matter is that while these things should certainly not be ignored, they are often just a warning, not the sign of a costly issue. That being said, if you see a [...]

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Should Fuel Requirements Affect Your Car Purchase?

For the best in Orem auto care, look no further than Tunex. We offer car maintenance for gasoline/diesel, hybrid and electric vehicles. What’s the Best Type of Car to Buy? If you’ve looked into purchasing a new or new-to-you car recently, you’ve probably noticed the options look different than in years past. Not only do you have to choose between manual and automatic transmissions, but now there are more fuel types than ever. Our [...]

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